Leave Your Home, Farm, or Ranchette in Trusted Hands

Leave Your Home, Farm, or Ranchette in Trusted Hands

Carrie with Your Guardian Angel is a reliable farm and home sitter, and garden sitter in the Helena Valley and surrounding areas.

It's not easy to travel or take time away when you have a farm, ranchette, pets, or animals to take care of. Having lived on farms all her life, Carrie knows exactly how to handle farm care and keep your ranchette functioning normally so that when you return from travelling everything is exactly as it should be. She'll even care for your garden, making sure that it is properly irrigated and maintained, and that your income/hobby is well cared for.

When you book Carrie for ranchette & farm sitting, or home and garden care, you'll know you're getting the best. Carrie treats your home as if it were her own - with the utmost care and attention. Book today within Helena's West Side, West Central, Valley Southeast, Montana City and surrounding areas.

Here's a Comprehensive List of Home & Garden Care Services Carrie Offers:

Home and Garden Care

  • Daily home security check
  • Predator and intruder awareness
  • Daily check for secure fence lines and outbuildings
  • Bring in mail or newspapers. Forward your mail and messages to you
  • Alternate blinds and lights to give the home a "lived-in look"
  • Adjust thermostats per owners specifications
  • Take out trash and recycling
  • Regular care of indoor plants
  • Basic garden maintenance. Water outside pots, planters, trees, shrubs and borders.
  • Maintenance weeding
  • Rotate sprinklers. Make sure automatic sprinklers are working properly
  • Mow lawn area in reasonable amounts
  • Water and/or irrigate vegetables and small crops
  • Harvest produce and store properly on premises per owners specifications
  • Snow clearing in reasonable amounts
  • Repairs and maintenance ~ recognize and organize repairs in the event of a minor or major emergency in your home during your absence.