Whether you're going on vacation or tending to family business, you need someone trustworthy to watch your farm while you're away. Your Guardian Angel is the sitter for you. Carrie is an experienced ranch caretaker who will tend to your gardens, feed your animals and carry out all the necessary farming duties.

She has years of experience working for vets, as well as working on farms and ranches. You'll feel confident knowing that your property and animals are in excellent hands. Get in touch with Carrie today to book your service anywhere within Helena's West Side, West Central, Valley Southeast, Montana City and surrounding areas.

Key reasons to hire Your Guardian Angel

Key reasons to hire Your Guardian Angel

Hiring a sitter is in your best interest. You won't have to worry about...

  • Working extra hours to catch up
  • Anyone trespassing on your land
  • The health of your animals

When you hire a sitter, you'll enjoy your time away to the fullest. Please visit our About page to learn more about Carrie.